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How Heavy is "TOO HEAVY"???
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    Paul DickinsonIn the biz of radio, we are constantly striving to fine tune our music and try to make everyone happy. In fact, our motto here at 1075 The Rock is "I just want everyone to be happy." Anyway, if you are a long time listener, you may be aware of some of the subtle adjustments we've made over time. For example, back in the mid 90's we were playing a lot more newer music than we do now. Believe me, we keep track of new music versus old, 80's versus 70's, and so on. Well, like I said, we used to play newer cuts more frequently, thus attracting a different audience, and all of a sudden over time you have a difficult time "making everyone happy." (So much for our station motto!!)

    Here's the rub...feel free to make comments on this if you care to...Let's say the station starts playing some Judas Priest...O.K., great...Do you guys play any Metallica?...Uh, yeah, sure...Not satisfied with just Judas Priest and Metallica, the (usually) younger Hard Rock listener pushes the limits..."You guys play any Maiden?"...O.K., some of that may work..."How about some Tool?"...Well..."You guys gotta play some Rob Zombie"..."Play some Pantera"...

    You see where this is heading. Some of the listeners like to test where the station draws the line, musically speaking. Always upping the ante. If we play Iron Maiden, then we should certainly play Tool and Pantera...

    I guess we like to play new music that blends with "The Classics". A song that sticks out like a sore thumb probably won't make it on our station. Some of the ultra Hard Rock tends to not mix well with the usual stuff. We heard tales of certain factories that would have to turn our station off during the day because some of the music was too heavy...Obviously, we would love a factory to have our station on all day. What do you think?

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