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Something for you bowlers out there...
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    For bowlers, it is the Holy Grail: a perfect 900 series.

    Mark Wukoman of the Milwaukee suburb of Franklin accomplished what hardly any other bowler in the history of the game has – he rolled 36 consecutive strikes during certified league play on Saturday night.

    The 900 series is only the ninth recorded in the 111-year history of certified league play.

    Nearly 100 other league bowlers stopped in the midst of their games once news of the series spread. Wukoman collapsed in a heap on the floor after rolling his final strike, overcome by what he'd just accomplished.

    Actually, Wukoman threw 43 consecutive strikes seeing he rolled seven in a row during his warm-ups Saturday night.

    posted by Paul Knoff at 2:16 PM | Email Us
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