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Thursday, May 11, 2006
    I know plenty of people who like golf... like golf A LOT... But a line has to be drawn somewhere. I would draw that line somewhere before robbing banks to pay for green fees.

    (AP)A Maryland man who once worked as a press secretary for a Wisconsin congressman says he resorted to robbing banks because he needed money to pay his rent and play golf.

    That explanation comes from 57-year-old Thomas Springer of Montgomery County. He pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to four counts of bank robbery.

    He was arrested soon after a robbery last fall at a bank in Kensington.

    Springer has been convicted in four previous bank robberies. He was a press secretary in the 1980s for then-Congressman Toby Roth of Wisconsin.

    posted by Paul Knoff at 3:23 PM | Email Us
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