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Bon Jovi Battling?
Friday, June 16, 2006
    I figure the tension probably has something to do with Ritchie's (Charlie Sheen's ex) new girlfriend...just speculation on my part! From

    THE BON JOVI MYSTERY:Still no clear indication of what is going on in Bon Jovi land, but if recent reports are accurate - especially the absolutely horrid reviews coming in from the band's final European show at Hull in the UK - it seems there is definite tension within the band, most likely between frontman Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora. All the reviews of the Hull show say frontman JBJ could not hide his foul mood on stage and barely acknowledged Richie all night.
    I learnt overnight that negotiations with the band to bring them to Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada were well underway before also being abruptly terminated. The band have a handful of North American dates left, culminating in one final show at Giants Stadium, NJ, July 29.
    Stay tuned...

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 9:08 AM | Email Us
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