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Rockstar Supernova
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
    Paul Dickinson

    Here is a press release from the new reality Rockstar series...I guess my opinion on this is that the producers of this show are missing the whole appeal of last years show! What was interesting was REPLACING a singer that had a unique style and sound. It was fun to see if the candidates could measure up, and possibly REPLACE the old or other guy. This year with Rockstar Supernova, they are starting a band from scratch. Not the same thing, because ANY singer will work because you have nothing to compare it to. WHAT ARE YOUR COMMENTS?


    The second season of Rock Star - RockStar: Supernova starts airing July 9. That's only a few weeks away. After sitting through every episode of last season, this should be another interesting watch and even more relevant to the readers of melodicrock. For that reason, picking up where I left off last year, you can expect a full wrap up of the 2 major episodes airing each week, right here. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you after some fantastic feedback following the Rock Star: Inxs coverage.
    Here is the latest update from the show as posted on the Rock Star website:
    "With the return of Rock Star, MSN rocks out to a different tune by delivering the exclusive reality episode of Rock Star: Supernova to its online viewers every week.
    MSN and Mark Burnett Productions are joining forces again this summer to provide exclusive interactive TV programming for the second season of Rock Star, the reality show that critics claim jump-started the comeback of rock band Inxs. MSN will be the official online home for Burnett's reality series Rock Star: Supernova, and one episode per week -- the drama-packed reality segment -- will be available only on MSN Video, for customers to view live or on-demand, whenever and wherever they wish. MSN will also create dynamic content and interactive features to enhance the Rock Star experience for both the CBS TV audience and MSN customers.
    Three episodes of Rock Star: Supernova will air each week, with the full-length reality episode available only on MSN Video for viewing. This marks the first time ever that one of three weekly episodes traditionally slated for a TV audience will be broadcast on the Web. The second episode -- featuring contestants' performances -- and the third, in which contestants are eliminated, will air on leading broadcast network CBS. MSN Video will also offer additional VIP footage that includes outtakes from the TV show and performances, plus video and music downloads, profiles of contestants, features, MSN Spaces contestant blogs and many extras available on the site and accessible across the MSN network.
    This year, the show will select a lead singer for a new band, Supernova, featuring famous musicians including drummer Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses). Butch Walker, Rolling Stone's 2005 "hot" producer, is slated to produce the band's first album. Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke will return as hosts of Rock Star, and each weekly reality episode will feature guest appearances by various celebrities and rock personalities."

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 9:19 AM | Email Us
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