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Rockstar Supernova thoughts and first impressions...
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
    Andrew from pretty much echoes my sentiments, especially about how Rockstar INXS was more about finding a singer for a seasoned band...I like the crazy Nirvana singing gal, and I think the "band" does, too!!


    TALKING ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA:Spoiler Alert - for those that have not yet seen the show in their area...
    Well, RockStar season 2 is underway and Supernova have seen what their "rockers" can do. After the first week, I'm not sure they will be able to do a whole lot! Yes, it's an enjoyable show, but the assembled cast cannot be the best 15 vocalists they could find - surely? No.

    First a few general thoughts on the new show. The Inxs season worked as well as it did because they were a seasoned band and the personalities within the band were well established.
    With Supernova, the guys are still getting to know each other in that tight knit band environment and I'm not yet sure they have worked each other out. I felt like each of the guys - Gilby Clark, Tommy Lee and Jason Newstead - were trying too hard to be cooler than each other. Both in the studio scenes and on the live shows.
    Then there is Dave "that was insane dude" Navarro. He is what he is I guess, but he's shtick is pretty limited and gets old quickly - especially after an entire season of it last year.
    I do think Tommy Lee is extremely likable though. He has been through it all and seen it all and is very media savvy (having been in it so often!) He has an engaging personality and I like the fact he continually acknowledged the crowd.
    Butch Walker came across as the most natural of the whole lot of them, and will be the person I will take most interest in through the season.

    Of all the talent gathered, I do have to wonder who is running the audition process and what they are trying to achieve with the candidates gathered. The majority has a similar kinda look and even sound similar. Not as much variety as last year, but just as Season 1, I think there are only about 5 or 6 genuine contenders in the whole bunch. The rest are just there for entertainment purposes (both good and bad) and for a little spice (bitching and rivalry) and sadly, something for the TV audience to look at (both male and female) and hopefully form some kind of allegiance to. Initial ratings suggest they might struggle with this...
    After the first performance show, I would have sent at least 5 is plain and clear that the majority have no hope of fitting into what this band needs. I was surprised and somewhat intrigued to see that the 7 females gathered were head and shoulders above the guys as far as vocal chops and stage personality.
    Going into the show I questioned whether a female would ever win, but perhaps that is the desire of the band or at least the producers this year. The guys just didn't compete as strongly and to see that the bottom 3 were all male was no surprise.

    It was no surprise to see the song selections. Plenty of classic rock to keep Joe average happy at home and then some modern rock to appeal to the youth audience and keep ol' Dave Navarro happy.
    And yes, there was a Nirvana song - watch for one each bloody week - no REM yet though!
    I think just about everyone - especially the guys - over sung their tracks this week. All were trying to impress right off the bat, but not many succeeded.

    So who did the best job?
    Storm - Pinball Wizard - big personality and big eyeballs. Ok vocals, but good presence, should be fun to watch.
    Toby - Knocking On Heaven's Door - the Aussie boy did ok. Nothing huge, but typical Aussie pub rock vocals.
    Dilana - Lithium - one of the nuttier stage performances I have seen in a long long time. But it got your attention and when she wasn't "moving", her raw vocal had intensity.
    Dana - I'm The Only One - mature performance for a 22 year old and another to watch. Very commercial look and sound.

    Who bombed?
    Matt - Yello - Who the hell picked that song for this show? C'mon...
    Magni - Satisfaction - horrible…an arrogant performance.
    Jenny - How You Remind Me - another horrid performance.
    Phil - Cult of Personality. He was lucky to get away with that. Might go home next...
    Chris - Roxanne - WTF? Worst of the night. Has to do way better than that next week.
    Zayra - Bring Me To Life - not much life in this performance...
    Ryan - Iris - strong vocal, one of the few for the night, but a little bit nice and a little over the top. Not the right vibe for the song, but might be one to watch.

    Eliminated - Matt….too bad, I thought he was third worst for the night and unlucky to go first up. I liked his performance of Duran Duran's Planet Earth. A good voice for modern rock/pop, but there was no way he'd make Top 5, simply being the wrong style for this show.

    First week in a nutshell - average. Ok show, ok performances overall, but noting to get really amazed about and perhaps an indication that the whole season might just be something worth viewing, but not entirely memorable.
    Hard to make such a call after only 1 show, so time will tell.

    For the record - those that have a genuine shot at getting somewhere on the show: Storm, Ryan, Toby, Josh, Dilana and Dana and maybe Lukas if he can do something other than punk. The rest can go home now :)

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 9:15 AM | Email Us
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