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Larry The Cable Guy Ticket Winners!
Friday, September 01, 2006
    Thanks for registering, and congrats to the winners...

    Randy Seliskar of Neillsville won the 6th row pair of premium seats!

    Rod Gearing of Merrillan wins a pair of tickets.

    Lisa Artac of Greenwood wins a pair, too!

    Jason Revord of Curtiss is a winner of 2 tickets...

    Mavis Burkhalter of Neillsville is gonna Git'R Done with a pair of tickets.

    The show is October 20th at the Lacrosse Center. for reserved tickets.

    Lets not forget the PRIZE DUMPSTER drawing as well...

    Trucker Paul Schmidt of Neillsville wins the Blast DVD and an Arbys

    Sam Neve of Tomah wins the book A TIME TO KILL by John Grisham...and an Arbys coupon.

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 4:25 PM | Email Us
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