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Van Halen/Roth Reunion?
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    A busy weekend as far as rock n roll news. The biggest news I guess is a rare radio appearance by Eddie Van Halen, phoning into the Howard Stern show to update listeners on everything Eddie.
    I haven't heard the interview myself, but if I get audio of it, I'll post here. The champs at have a detailed conversation thread going about the interview

    It seems Ed was his usual entertaining self on the phone - his comments definitely giving fans an indication on where Van Halen goes from here (if anywhere). Highlights of the interview incude:
    - Eddie calling Sammy and Mike's Other Half a 'cover band'.
    - Stating that Van Halen is now himself, Alex and son Wolfgang. Anthony can 'do whatever he wants...'
    - Stating that he was open to working / touring with David Lee Roth but any involvement with Michael Anthony seems all but impossible.
    - Talked about his music in the adult film calling it a 'struggle between good and evil'.
    - Smoking didn't cause him cancer, it was the use of metal picks, which he always had in his mouth.
    - Next release will be a solo album or project with Alex and Wolfgang.
    - Called Hagar 'Little Red Rocker' and 'Little Red Worm') and Michael Anthony 'Hot Sauce Sobileski'.
    - Also talked of investing in a cancer center (something management told me in 2004...a substantial amount of money from all reports).

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 5:31 PM | Email Us
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