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New Rush!!!
Monday, December 18, 2006

    NEW RUSH IN 2007:
    A new Rush album - and before mid-2007! Great news for fans, with drummer Neal Peart talking at great length about his year in a new update posted to his website. Towards the end of the update Neal writes:
    "The important thing is that all of that energy, excitement, and activity have sped the project along, and now it looks as though the recording will be finished by the end of the year—far ahead of schedule. We are planning on doing the final mixing early in the New Year, but have made no commitments beyond that. No doubt our manager, Ray, has plans of his own, but we simply haven't gotten to that yet. We all know by now that you can't take anything for granted, or be truly sure what's going to happen—in news, weather, or sports."
    Like I said - great news - and perhaps the band can deliver a killer album with a killer production this time around and set straight the mixed response Vapor Trails received.
    WebLink & Full Story:

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 9:18 AM | Email Us
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