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Velvet Revolver Wife Trashes Hotel...
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland's wife Mary has issued a statement regarding the reports that she was arrested on Sunday (March 25) after she allegedly set her husband's $10,000 wardrobe on fire outside their home in Toluca Lake, California. Cops responded to a "female burning clothes" call late Saturday evening (March 24) and booked Mary Weiland for suspicion of felony arson vandalism. The couple's two children were placed in the care of family friends. Mary was booked at a Burbank police station and released on $50,000 bail three hours later. The arrest came less than a day after the Weilands were thrown out of the Graciela Hotel in Burbank after they left a room there in shambles during what was bein described in media reports as a violent argument. The couple allegedly hurled furniture, made "dents and gouges" in the room's walls, and even left bloodstains on some of the linens. Mary Weiland's statement reads as follows: "With regards to this past weekend's events, it's important to my husband and I that the reports regarding domestic violence, as well as our children's safety, contain facts and not speculation. "The weekend's difficulties were brought on by a reaction to an imbalance in medications used to treat my bipolar disorder. Reports that we were fighting at the Graciela Hotel are untrue. Scott was simply trying to help calm me down. I want to make it very clear that he did not hurt me in any way. For lack of a better expression, I was unstable and just 'lost it.' "Payment for the damages to the Graciela Hotel has already been made. The gracious staff and management have accepted our apologies and welcome us back in the future. "Most importantly, neither of our children were witness to any of these events and they have been in the care of a family member. Scott and I are very involved in our children's lives on a daily basis and we love them unconditionally. We appreciate all your concerns and how supportive people have been. "After nearly seven years of marriage I am truly grateful to have a loving husband, drug-free for 3-1/2 years now, who is able to care for me during this challenging time. "We ask that you refer to this statement for the facts and depend on no other source." Mary's statement that "neither of our children were witness to any of these events" appears to contradict the version offered by Scott Weiland in a posting on VELVET REVOLVER's web site. Scott wrote about the hotel incident, "My wife locked herself in the adjoining room when that damage was done. I want to make it clear that I called security when I heard the glass being broken from next door. Security was unable to enter until she let them in. I sent my children off to a safe place with my assistant (who witnessed all of the events of the evening, until my wife locked herself in the room), and I left the hotel in order to avoid conflict with my wife." Scott Weiland previously pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against Mary in December of 2001. He had to pay a fine and was put on probation. The couple had also been estranged over Weiland's drug use a few years back, with Mary Weiland reportedly beginning divorce proceedings before the two reconciled. Weiland recently told Launch that he's successfully stayed clean for the last several years. "Last few years have been great. I mean, I don't really feel the necessity to, or the responsibility to — you know, it's been over three and a half years for me, so, I mean, that's all that I feel like I really need to say," he said. VELVET REVOLVER's new album, "Libertad", is tentatively scheduled for release on June 5, with a U.S. tour scheduled to begin on May 4 in Hollywood.

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