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Lita Ford Goin' Cheap!
Thursday, August 02, 2007

    Report: LITA FORD Scam Thwarted - Aug. 2, 2007 reports that a scam artist promising nationally touring acts at
    bargain-basement prices to clubs since last year is still at it and claiming to represent Lita Ford. One con was stopped short July 10 thanks to a Texas club owner who followed his instincts when the offer sounded too good to be true. Bill Winter, co-owner of the 250-capacity Flying Pig Roadhouse in Lake Dallas, said the alleged con artist, using the name Michael Saltzman of United Entertainment, called his club out of the blue June 5 and pitched Ford for an August 3 show. "He was very slick, very smooth. He knew the lingo," Winter told "It was hard to get a word in edgewise but he left you just enough room to feel comfortable that he might be a booking agent as opposed to a scam artist. "I used to broker municipal bonds and worked on Wall Street for a number of years and I know the type. He'd make a heck of a salesman."
    Winter didn't know at the time that Ford left the music business years ago after she married former Nitro lead singer Jim Gillette. The club owner eventually discovered that while researching Ford on the Internet. Information on Saltzman was more elusive.
    Copies of the contract and related correspondence obtained by Pollstar show Saltzman's name, along with the names David Wilson and Jim Lundell, used in a contract dated July 7 booking an August 3 Ford performance for $2,500.

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