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The Most Valuable Music CD...Your Guess?
Monday, November 19, 2007

    Press Release / Rock music trivia question - which CD garnered the highest sale price on eBay? A rare Beatles CD, a bootleg of Led Zeppelin unreleased tracks? While these might be predictable guesses - the actual winner of the highest selling CD is, Sudden Impact, by the Philadelphia band, Hit The Ground Runnin (HTGR). HTGR originally hit it big with millions of young adults from their guest appearances on the daily dance show, "Dance Party USA", on USA Network. As their reputation and fan base quickly grew, they also enjoyed success in both Canada and Europe. Hit The Ground Runnin (HTGR) might not jump out to you as a household name......but this Philadelphia quintet holds the title as having the most sought after CD, Album and cassette on eBay today according to The group's debut CD "Sudden Impact" has sold on eBay for a record $1950.52, with an average sales price of $838.17 (for a good condition original copy), and it has held the title as the most valuable CD since 2001.
    The band was first signed to a Canadian record label, Autograph Records, distributed by BMG, and was followed up by a standing ovation performance at the 20th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival in Monterey, California, where music great Janis Joplin was first discovered. The band went on to sign a 5 year, 3 album deal with an international company, The Music Group, working with the legendary producer, Joe Venneri, who also produced Bob Marley and Vanilla Fudge. Because of issues with their management and management's subsequent legal issues, the group eventually was forced to disband, much to the dismay of their loyal fan base.
    A few years ago, original band member Paul Piccari and producer Dan McKeown mastered a dream copy of what would have been the group's second CD release, Control Yourself, from previously recorded material, and placed it on the website Within a month, the results were astounding, with the site generating orders for 15,000 CDs in just 6 weeks...topping the sales of every independent label overseas! Distributors, magazines, and fans old and new wanted to know what happened to HTGR and where to find more product by this American group!
    After receiving countless offers from different record labels to re-release the “Sudden Impact” CD and requests to license unreleased tracks for compilation CD's overseas......producer Dan McKeown along with the original members Paul Piccari and Blair Rumsey, who created the group's powerful signature vocals, decided it was time to reunite HTGR.
    Earlier this year, Piccari and Rumsey - along with Vinnie Martello, vocals and guitars, Adam Feriolia on drums and Kalah Higgenbottom on vocals and keyboards went into the studio and recorded a 14 track masterpiece, “HGR”, which contains new material along with a cover song written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart called “(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone”, originally recorded by The Monkees!
    The group is planning a 2008 European tour and has offers for the release of the new album. For the band whose infamous first CD still sells for thousands of dollars, HGTR plans to do it again...and this time, they will definitely Hit The Ground Runnin'!!

    posted by Paul Dickinson at 9:12 AM | Email Us
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