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Slash's Drug Confessions Shock Bowie
Thursday, November 15, 2007

    World Entertainment News Network reports that guitarist Slash once shocked David Bowie with stories about his narcotic-induced hallucinations.

    The former GUNS N' ROSES star was addicted to heroin and cocaine and his mother thought it would be a good idea if the troubled star talked to her friend and former drug addict, Bowie, about his problems.

    But Bowie wasn't prepared for Slash's confession, especially when the rocker revealed he saw armies of creatures "gathering in the doorway... holding tiny machine guns and weapons" while high.

    In his new autobiography, "Slash", the rocker recalls, "David was engaging and wise in the ways of chemical abuse. He asked me about what I was doing drug-wise and what I was going through emotionally, psychically, and with the band.

    "I rambled on for a while, but once I started talking about my little translucent friends, David interrupted me... He'd heard enough."

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