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Velvet Revolver Singer Search Continues...
Thursday, February 12, 2009

    There's been little news out of the VELVET REVOLVER camp lately regarding a new singer for the band, although auditions have reportedly been ongoing. Bassist Duff McKagan told The Pulse of Radio this week that the group has been a little frustrated with the submissions they've gotten and even wondered if they would ever find the right guy. But McKagan also said that things have recently taken a positive turn. "In the last, I would say, about eight weeks, we got three guys in that were all really good - like, far and above, more fitting than the rest," he said. "So I can say this much: we're headed in a very positive direction, and you might be hearing something soon."

    VELVET REVOLVER has been searching for a new vocalist since dismissing Scott Weiland last April.

    Although several names have been rumored online, the only singer known to have auditioned with the band is ex-SPACEHOG frontman Royston Langdon.

    VELVET REVOLVER also parted ways with RCA Records late last year and has not announced a new deal yet.

    Duff McKagan's side band, LOADED, will issue its third album next month, while McKagan continues his career as a columnist at and a financial columnist at

    VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash is working on a solo album, while drummer Matt Sorum recently launched a clothing line and store.

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