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Memorial Medical Center New Hospital Project Update 2/8/17
Wednesday, February 08, 2017

    -Memorial Medical Center:  Small Hospital, Big Difference, Brighter Future!  Back in November, Memorial Medical Center announced they are in the planning process of building a new $40 million facility to continue to serve the health care needs of Clark County and the surrounding area.  The new facility is expected to be completed by the spring of 2020.
    In order to keep the community informed, here’s the latest on the progress of the project:
    Memorial Medical Center’s Board of Directors has approved a motion for the hospital to sign a purchasing agreement with Dean Wetzel regarding 54 acres of land located west of Neillsville at 3700 River Avenue.  The purchasing agreement allows MMC’s building committee time to evaluate the property, prior to final purchase, through specific conversations about the property with the City of Neillsville, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, Pine Valley Township and Army Corp of Engineers.  MMC entered into this agreement to purchase if they can make all the alterations to the property within accordance to all the above mentioned entities.  If they can’t, they will look at their second site.  The property has the acreage for the first initial phase of a replacement hospital, medical clinic, extended care facility, assisted living/senior housing facility and a potential community wellness center, but also has acreage for any future campus expansions.  MMC has chosen Wold Architects and Engineers, of St. Paul to build the hospital of the future for Clark County.”
    Memorial Medical Center is also answering any question you may have like this one: 
    “Q:  Where is the new facility going to be located?
    A:  If all goes according to plan, at 3700 River Avenue.”
    "Q: Do you know what's going to happen with the old facility?
    A: Not yet. They do have some time to start to identify potential suitors for the building. They're hoping that somebody will find an interest in this to better the economy of Neillsville. They've had a few preliminary talks with a few interested parties. All very exciting; however, they've asked not to be revealed at this time as they are still seeing how feasible it is for them."
    "Q: What's going to happen to the loan acquired by MMC through the City of Neillsville?
    A: Their current debt they have to do their internal renovations is on hold. So, they currently have 80% of that loan still sitting in the bank. Part of the USDA Loan Process is they're allowed to refinance all of their current debt. So, as they successfully receive this loan, they will then pay off all their debt, including the loan that the city assisted them to receive. By first or second quarter, probably second quarter of 2017, all those debts will be forgiven."
    If you have any questions you'd like answered, feel free to submit your questions to WCCN's News Director by e-mail or contact form.

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